instagram: @rosiureta

Designer and Ceramic artist 

Co-founder and creative director at z+ estudio

Design director at Museo del Hongo

Through an intuitive process, in my work I intend to observe the convergence of craft, design, art, and digital culture. I often experiment by inserting digital manufacturing technology into an established ceramic craft process to open possibilities for new values and functionalities in materials and objects. By putting these longtime crafting systems in contact with new technologies, error could be the most likely result, but nonetheless an opportunity is offered for the finding of beauty in the unexpected.


- Bachelor’s Degree in Design. Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies, Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile. 2011-2017

- Internship at artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz Studio in New York. 2016

- Postgraduate certificate in Lighting Design. Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile. 2019


- Currently artist and member of Sculpture Space NYC

- "Digital Craft" Investigation residency in Fab Lab Santiago. 2018


- Teacher of ceramic modelling workshop. 2018-2020


> "Infinita" Museo del Hongo, Museo Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna, Santiago, Chile. December 2019


> "Tearamas" Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC), Santiago, Chile. August 2019


> “GIT Comunity” Galería Itinerante, Santiago, Chile. May 2019


> “Nuevas Materias” Casa O Lastarria, Santiago, Chile. January 2019


> Local Design Fair, IF Blanco Recoleta, Chile. November 2018


> Art Santiago, Centro Cultural La Moneda, Chile. August 2018


> “Afluente” Luis Pasteur, Santiago, Chile. June 2018


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> The Collective: "La belleza del error y lo inesperado"

> Hunger Magazine, Martin Luttecke collection

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> Revista Mas Deco: "En el cruce digital"

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