From Santiago, Chile.

Bachelor’s Degree in Design.

Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies, Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile. 


Design director at Museo del Hongo


Graphic designer of profession, in my investigation towards sculpture and objects, there has always been a graphic resonance present in the textures and shapes. I started designing ceramics digitally and discovered the appeal of translating the digital world into material.


My constant research has been about technique and digital culture, in order to ponder upon the relationship and interaction of hand and machine. In my work I intend to research, through material and virtual practice, the effects of the digital revolution in ancestral craftmanship and the human way of making identity.



> Casa Cultural San Cristobal, Santiago, Chile. December 2019


> Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC), Santiago, Chile. August 2019


> “GIT Comunity” Galería Itinerante, Santiago, Chile. May 2019


> “Nuevas Materias” Casa O Lastarria, Santiago, Chile. January 2019


> Local Design Fair, IF Blanco Recoleta, Chile. November 2018


> Art Santiago, Centro Cultural La Moneda, Chile. August 2018


> “Afluente” Luis Pasteur, Santiago, Chile. June 2018